New Funding Opportunities Announced Under Horizon Europe’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

The European Commission has unveiled new funding initiatives exceeding €1.25 billion through the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), a vital component of the Horizon Europe programme. This substantial investment aims to support around 10,000 talented researchers globally, enhancing their career prospects across various stages and disciplines.

Date: 25. 04. 2024

Expanding Opportunities Across Various Research Stages

This year's MSCA funding includes several key calls that open this week. Among these, the MSCA Postdoctoral Fellowships are particularly noteworthy, with a budget of €417.2 million available to help experienced researchers gain international and interdisciplinary experience, and foster connections with leading scientific teams. This call opened on April 23 and will close on September 11.

Similarly, the MSCA COFUND scheme, with an allocated €104.8 million, supports organizations in creating or enhancing doctoral and postdoctoral programmes. This scheme requires additional funding from the institutions and aims to attract international talent by promoting high standards and excellent working conditions. The call also opened on April 23 and is set to close on September 26.

Another innovative initiative, the Feedback to Policy, with a funding of €2 million, aims to enhance the thematic connections between MSCA projects and major EU policy priorities, increasing their visibility and impact. This call opened on April 25  and will conclude on September 3.

Upcoming Calls and Long-term Goals

Looking ahead, the MSCA will open two significant calls later this year to support doctoral programmes and international collaborative projects. The MSCA Doctoral Networks, with a budget of €608.6 million, will open on May 29 and close on November 27. This initiative focuses on recruiting and training doctoral candidates across academia and various sectors, potentially leading to joint or even European degrees.

Additionally, the MSCA Staff Exchanges, set to begin on September 19 with a budget of €99.47 million, will enhance international and interdisciplinary exchanges across the innovation chain, promoting knowledge sharing and cooperation.

Impact and Vision for European Research

These initiatives reflect the MSCA's commitment to setting high standards for researchers' careers and fostering a durable impact on the European research and innovation landscape. By encouraging cooperation and enhancing global attractiveness, the MSCA continues to be a cornerstone of the European Research Area, equipping researchers with essential skills and knowledge through diverse training and exposure.

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