Dissemination and communication

Elevate your project with our strategic communication & dissemination expertise

In the competitive arena of EU and national projects, effective communication and dissemination are pivotal for success. It's about more than just broadcasting information; it's about ensuring every project detail and outcome penetrates  the right channels to engage and influence your target audience. This is where strategy meets commitment, creating lasting impact.

Strategic media presence

We at Tiko Pro don't just communicate; we amplify. We craft and execute a strategic media presence that not only increases awareness of your project's initiatives but ensures that your outcomes resonate deeply with your audience, enhancing sustainability.

Creating lasting impressions

Our approach goes beyond traditional dissemination. We aim to leave a lasting impression on your audience, turning project outcomes into memorable stories and impactful results.

Comprehensive communication solutions

Our expertise covers the entire scope of project communication needs. From designing striking visuals to crafting engaging content, managing communication channels, and ensuring precise documentation, we provide a seamless and integrated communication experience.

Efficient and coordinated execution

We understand the complexity of coordinating a project's communication and dissemination strategy. From handling emails and meetings to developing media plans and partnerships, we ensure a harmonious and skilful execution, leveraging our expertise for your project's success.

Experience and expertise combined

With over a decade of experience in EU and national project proposals, our team offers not only wide-ranging knowledge but also profound expertise. We don't just create communication and dissemination plans; we bring them to life with innovation and passion.

A team dedicated to excellence

Our team is not just skilled; we are passionate experts in the art of communication. We ensure that every aspect of your project's communication and dissemination is not only efficiently executed but also stands out for its effectiveness and impact.

Choose Tiko Pro for unmatched impact

With Tiko Pro, you're choosing more than just effective task management. You're opting for a partner that elevates your project's narrative, engages your audience in a meaningful way, and ensures a lasting impact well beyond the project's lifespan.



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