Innovation Fund

Life program

The Innovation Fund aims to support technologies, business models and processes that are not yet commercially available, but represent breakthrough solutions or are sufficiently mature to be ready for demonstration at pre-commercial scale.

The Fund will support the demonstration of:

  • innovative low-carbon technologies and processes in energy-intensive industries,
  • carbon capture and utilization (CCU),
  • construction and operation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities,
  • innovative renewable energy generation,
  • energy storage.

The project must be:

  • sufficiently mature (planning, business model, financial and legal structure),
  • can bring significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Synergies and complementarities with other relevant EU programmes are highly encouraged.

Types of projects

1. Call for proposals for small-, medium- and large-scale projects:

a)    general decarbonisation small-scale projects (up to 20 000 000 EUR),
b)    general decarbonisation medium-scale projects (up to 100 000 000 EUR),
c)    general decarbonisation large-scale (above 100 000 000 EUR),
d)    clean-tech manufacturing (CAPEX over 2 500 000 EUR),
e)    pilot projects (CAPEX over 2 500 000 EUR).

Who can apply?

  • Public or private entities, located in one or more EU Member States, Norway or Iceland.
  • Legal entities, established in any country in the world. Projects must be located in EU Member States or EEA countries.

Deadline for submission

Next call is expected to be announced Q4 2024 with the deadline Q1/Q2 2025.

There will be regular calls until 2030.



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