Technical assistance (TA)

At Tiko Pro, we understand that the application stage is a crucial stepping stone to your project's success. Our expert technical assistance (TA) is tailored to ensure your proposal not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Here's how we make that happen:

  • Centralized documentation management

SharePoint solution is the backbone of efficient proposal management, maintaining the integrity of all essential documents.

  • Efficient consortium coordination

We ensure smooth partner communication, overseeing meeting organization, precise time and work plan management, and consistent progress monitoring.

  • Compliance-guided documentation

Our experts guide you through the complex maze of project documentation, ensuring full compliance with your project's objectives, outcomes, and the exacting legal, administrative, and financial requirements of your target call.

  • Strategic proposal alignment

We align your proposal with the EU's strategic priorities, such as green initiatives, digital transformation, and circular economy principles, amplifying its relevance and impact.

  • Comprehensive communication strategy design

Develop an impactful communication and dissemination plan with us, guaranteeing your project's visibility, stakeholder engagement, and effective ecosystem creation.

  • Hassle-free finalization and submission

Rely on Tiko Pro to methodically craft your final proposal in the necessary format and manage the submission process, freeing you to concentrate on your project's core facets.


Partner with Tiko Pro for technical assistance that not only crafts your project proposal but elevates it into a compelling, compliant, and strong application, ready for success.



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