Underpin - Digital Europe consortium project

The Slovenian company Tiko Pro joins the international consortium as an equal partner in the prestigious Underpin project, coordinated by the industrial giant Motor Oil from Greece. With over a decade of successful fundraising history and a new milestone in 2023, Tiko Pro strengthens its role on the global stage of digital innovation.

Date: 18. 02. 2024

The project involves nine partners from four countries: Greece, Austria, Slovenia, and Cyprus. The leading partner is Motor Oil Hellas, and besides the Slovenian company Tiko Pro, the consortium includes partners such as the Athena Research Center, Semantic Web Company, Watermelon, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, INNOV-ACTS, Space Hellas, and Motor Oil Renewable Energy.

Funded by the Digital Europe program, the Underpin project sets an example of European collaboration with the vision of creating a unified digital market. The project establishes a 'Data Space for Manufacturing,' an innovative virtual data space designed for predictive analytics in production.

The project's focus is on integrating high-tech data analysis with the practical needs of the industry, contributing to increased efficiency, cost reduction, and the promotion of sustainable development.

Under the Underpin project, foundations will be laid for the efficient use of industrial data in real-time. As the project coordinator, Motor Oil, along with research institutes and SME partners, will explore and implement innovative approaches to energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction. The project will enable the development of new business models and the establishment of a secure environment for data exchange, where each partner - considering the trust agreement - will operate in the spirit of trust and common goals.

Tiko Pro, as an equal partner in the consortium, takes on a leading role in dissemination and communication, ensuring awareness and the involvement of industrial companies in the newly created data space, thereby creating conditions for the pan-European integration of various industrial sectors. This integration represents a significant step towards realizing the European Union's vision of a connected and digitally advanced economy. The project's goal is also to promote closer collaboration between data owners and users, as data sharing is crucial for innovation and business optimization.

The Underpin project will serve as an example of how companies can utilize data analytics to optimize their processes and machinery, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. "Imagine being able to achieve substantial savings by improving the production process by just half a second," explains Kočet Hudrapova. "That's the power of the data spaces we are developing."

The value of the Underpin project is EUR 6,648,627, of which EUR 4,050,375 is co-financed by the European Union. Tiko Pro is proud to contribute to the achievement of the goals of this ambitious project and reaffirms its commitment to supporting the European economy on its path to digitalization.

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