The Essential Traits of a Successful Project Coordinator

Managing a large collaborative EU research project is a challenging task. Anna Tenhunen-Lunkka and Riitta Honkanen from the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland conducted a study to identify the key factors that make a successful Horizon Europe project coordinator. Their research highlighted three essential traits: trust, collaboration, and communication.

Date: 16. 05. 2024
Trust is the cornerstone of any successful project. A coordinator must establish and maintain trust among all project partners. This involves transparency, reliability, and fostering a supportive environment where team members feel valued and respected. Trust allows for open communication and a collaborative spirit, both of which are crucial for the project's success.
Collaboration is the second pillar of effective project management. Coordinators must ensure that all partners work together seamlessly. This involves coordinating between different work packages, aligning objectives, and encouraging a cooperative approach to problem-solving. By promoting a collaborative environment, coordinators can harness the collective expertise of the team, leading to more innovative and effective solutions.
The third key trait is communication. Effective communication ensures that all team members are on the same page, understand their roles, and are aware of project developments. It involves not only the dissemination of information but also active listening and feedback. Good communication helps prevent misunderstandings, resolves conflicts, and keeps the project on track.
While trust, collaboration, and communication are fundamental, motivation also plays a significant role. A motivated coordinator can inspire their team, fostering enthusiasm and commitment to the project. Motivation can drive the team to overcome challenges and strive for excellence.
In addition to these soft skills, coordinators must also possess strong managerial competencies. This includes decision-making abilities and a thorough understanding of European bureaucracy and project administration. Coordinators often rise through the ranks based on their scientific expertise but may need additional training in these areas to excel in project management.
The success of Horizon Europe projects relies heavily on the capabilities of the project coordinator. Trust, collaboration, and communication are essential traits that enable coordinators to lead their teams effectively, fostering an environment where innovation and creativity can thrive. With proper training and support, coordinators can significantly improve the success rates of these important research initiatives.
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