Seizing digital opportunities: Calls for proposals under the Digital Europe program

The Digital Europe program has launched several calls for proposals. This could be an important moment for IT and telecom companies and industry representatives who want to advance their own and Europe's digitalization.

Date: 3. 04. 2024

The call for proposals for the Energy Data Space aims to establish data spaces in at least 10 EU Member States where no less than 5 use cases will be implemented, with a focus on standardization and financial sustainability. The Agriculture Data Space call targets the agricultural sector and focuses on capacity building, awareness raising and technical support. The Common European Mobility Data Space initiative hopes to promote the wide uptake of mobility data and cross-border use cases, with a focus on financial sustainability and consortia cooperation. The call for the creation of a Manufacturing Data Space aims to accelerate the digital and green transition in the manufacturing sector, while the European Green Deal Data Space focuses on the use of environmental monitoring data for critical areas such as biodiversity and climate change.

Each call offers significant funding opportunities ranging from EUR 3 to 15 million with different durations and funding distribution. Interested parties should consider these opportunities and submit their proposals by May 29.

If you believe your organization has the expertise and vision to contribute to these initiatives, we invite you to contact us at to discuss possible collaborations or project ideas.

Let's work together to shape Europe's digital future!

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