Looking back at H2020

Horizon 2020 program with its EUR 80 billion budget, has been crucial in advancing the EU`s knowledge and innovation-based society and economy.

Date: 1. 02. 2024

Horizon 2020 evaluations shows that investment in EU research and innovation greatly pays off.

The ex-post evaluation of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation program from 2014 to 2020, highlights its significant impact on societal and economic development. The program funded over 35,000 projects and attracted a million applications globally, focusing on climate change and sustainable development.

Notably, it supported rapid responses to health crises like COVID-19 and contributed substantially to climate science. Horizon 2020's investment yielded substantial benefits, leading to thousands of patents and scientific publications, and facilitating mobility and skill enhancement of thousands of researchers. Key achievements include support for Nobel Prize-winning scientists, development of innovative technologies, and significant growth in employment and turnover for participating firms, including a projected €429 billion increase in EU GDP by 2040.

The evaluation also suggests improvements in areas such as participation, administrative simplification, and result dissemination. This evaluation will shape future EU research and innovation policies.

Source: EC Press corner

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