Mastering EU innovation proposals through storytelling

Date: 6. 02. 2024

The proposals consist of sentences, facts and figures. Science has proven that when dealing with these only one processing zone of our brain is activated. However, when reading a story, our brain activates up to seven areas at once. One way of distinguishing oneself from the mass of proposals submitted, therefore, is to include a good proposal story that will engage evaluators more deeply than just a dry text.

What every good proposal story needs

#1 Plot
Each proposal must contain a backstory. Clarify the problem that your solution is solving and back it up with statistics. Describe your previous R&D activities. Show with the competition analysis that you are familiar with what happens outside your offices.

#2 Characters
Make evaluators grow fond of your company by showing your other successful projects. Present the team that will work on this project, together with their special achievements, experiences and education.

#3 Writing style
Consider the structure and guidelines of the proposal chapters, but spice your proposal up with some personal touch, e.g. endorsements from early adopters, symbolism and analogies. For example, if you are developing an efficient production solution that saves up to 460.000 kg of input material per year, this number doesn’t say much. But when you say that it equals to 1.000 full trucks, the impact is much more understandable.

#4 A happy ending
Draw up a plan for the successful future of your innovation – exploitation and commercialization plan. Demonstrate that the development of your solution is in line with your business strategy.

#5 Bravery
Once upon a time...Google was two Stanford students in a dorm with pizza and an algorithm. Now, it’s the most innovative company in the world according to Boston Consulting Group. This is just one example of life-changing solutions that have emerged from a simple story. Why don't you share yours? Contact us at




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