Digital Europe programme - Cyber Security on the rise

Date: 5. 06. 2024

The first part of the Digital Europe program is slowly coming to an end.

The next - and last - set of calls in 2024 will be published in the third quarter, but there will be few opportunities for companies in the main program, as the upcoming calls will focus on projects from public administrations and education providers. However, we expect a number of interesting funding opportunities for cybersecurity deployment projects.

These will include significant funding for the development and deployment of innovative CybSec solutions based on AI, big data analytics, HPC and quantum or blockchain technology. The focus will be on strengthening CTI capacities for private and national actors, such as national and cross-border SOCs.

Another focus is on supporting the implementation of EU legislation, in particular NIS2, the Cybersecurity Act and the Directive on attacks against information systems. The aim of the projects is to strengthen the EU capacity for cyberspace protection through various activities, e.g. by deploying incident management solutions, organizing events and workshops or monitoring the enforcement of the Cyber Resilience Act.

In addition, projects aimed at improving cyber security in larger industrial operations and facilities will also be supported. Proposals should cover a wide range of activities in the area of vulnerability testing, threat and risk assessment and risk monitoring. They should target critical infrastructure sectors, such as energy, transport or banking.

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