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Tiko Pro team of 15 experts is led by CEOs Kristina Kočet Hudrap and Martina Anderlič.

Tiko Pro d.o.o. successfully operates in Slovenia and Croatia as well as EU-wide, especially Austria.

Our success rate tells it all – more than 94% of submitted applications in Slovenia and Croatia are selected for funding, whereas EU project applications record 8x higher success rate than average.

I`ve got an idea...

How to access funds for its realization?

Can I apply for a particular Call for Proposals?

How to manage all project documentation?

What do I need to do for a successful project submission?


Let us worry about these issues...so you can focus on your project idea!

A team of experts

We have different knowledge backgrounds and cover various professional areas, which we complement with many years of experience. 

We embark on projects in teams, which we form in the most optimized manner - following requirements of individual call for proposal and particularities of the project idea. 

We are a team in the true sense of the word - welcome to get to know us!

Kristina Kočet Hudrap

Martina Anderlič

Martina Anderlič


Karmen Vidonja O.

Head of EU project team

Marjeta Maurer

EU project expert

Ana Kovačič

Head of sales and marketing SLO

Renata Sinič Ornik

SLO project expert

Edita Gošnik

SLO project expert

Sandra Dudaš

Head of CRO project team

Karmen Španjol

CRO project expert

Lana Labinjan

CRO project assistant

Janez Hudrap

IT expert

Anja Bačko

SLO project expert

Katja Premzl

SLO project expert

Tanja Tajnik, PhD

EU projects expert

Ksenija Golob

SLO project expert

Mateja Radjević

Accounting and Finance

Eva Matjašič

Sales and marketing SLO


We want to raise our excellency in the field of national and EU funding consultancy, project management and training to an even higher level.

We want to increase the visibility of Tiko Pro and expand our business throughout the European union. 

We want to offer strong and decisive support to innovative companies and help them raise their competitiveness in the international business environment. 

Let`s take a look into the future hand in hand - to accomplish and possibly exceed our plans together!

Our vision is our slogan: »Projects for Excellence.«