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Tiko Pro collaborating with COLLABWITH
23. April 2021 News

Tiko Pro collaborating with COLLABWITH

Collabwith is a global platform connecting academics-startups-organizations for innovation, and simplifying, digitizing, and accelerating the collaboration process from searching for a project partner until successful collaboration

Collabwith is a one-stop-shop including search engine, making requests, negotiation, legal, and payment by using Collabwith technology. Do check them out and in the future do not miss our workshops on the topic of obtaining EU funds and creating successful project partnerships. 

Collabwith believes academic research potential should be open and accessible for use in day-to-day business practices. They are committed to providing businesses and startups better access to the insights and ideas of the brightest academic minds. Together we break down the barrier between academics, startups, and the business world. Innovation has never been so accessible.




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