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The EU aims to end the culture of “throwaway society”
17. March 2021 News

The EU aims to end the culture of “throwaway society”

We can achieve sustainable businesses  and approach the EU's strategic goals faster and more efficiently by successfully using European funds.

Within the HORIZON EUROPE program, for the cluster "Digital, Industry and Space", which has a strong emphasis on the circular economy, funds through public tenders will be used to develop completely new sustainable products and services, advanced solutions for sustainable extraction and processing of raw materials, new processing technologies for waste management, business models for circular value chain, etc.

The EU Circular Economy Action Plan requires manufacturers to produce efficient, high-quality, long-life products that are easier to repair, use and recycle.

This plan will enter into force this year and is part of the EU's goal of becoming the world's first carbon-free continent by 2050.



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