Seal of Excellence Holders which applied under EIC Accelerator


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Seal of Excellence Holders which applied under EIC Accelerator
02. February 2021 News

Seal of Excellence Holders which applied under EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator, designed for startups and small and medium sized enterprises, invests in radically new ideas to expedite rolling out of marketable innovation solutions. Notoriously known as being one of the most competitive EU level R&D funding programme, which translates in an average 3% success rate, it offers a wide variety of additional business acceleration opportunities.

For example, if you have submitted your project proposal under the EIC Accelerator Pilot, which was judged to deserve funding but did not get it due to budget limits under the available call budget, the EC awards a quality label called »Seal of Excellence«.

The label certifies the high-quality of your proposal and can build your reputation. Furthermore, it shows political commitment by displaying the signatures of the Commissioners.

As a Seal of Excellence holder, you can participate in established national supporting funding schemes which are specifically dedicated to Seal of Excellence proposals and provide alternative funding, in compliance with national and European Rules.

On the EU level, one the other hand, you become a member of EIC Business Acceleration Services Community, that helps European innovators, entrepreneurs and SMEs in their endeavors to establish themselves on the European and global markets. One of the opportunities to connect with investors, corporates and peers is provided through that seeks to identify deep tech entrepreneurs and helps them in scaling their business and raise funding.

Within the scope of our services, we support our Seal-of-Excellence-Holders in making the most of their EU level funding applications and exploiting all available business acceleration structures.

Some of our success stories under call EIC Accelerator are HERE

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