Open Calls Horizon 2023/24


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Open Calls Horizon 2023/24
10. August 2023 News

Open Calls Horizon 2023/24

The calls of the Horizon 2023/24 work programme are slowly but surely coming to an end. The last 300 calls will be published this fall and more will follow until fall 2024, which means that there are still many opportunities. Today we present some calls that fund a range of projects, not just the usual 1-3 project proposals.


Manufacturing as a Service: Technologies for customised, flexible, and decentralised production on demand HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-03

A research and innovation action (TRL 4-6) focused on developing and integrating the technologies needed to successfully implement Manufacturing as a Service, using distributed assets as a service and leveraging unused manufacturing capacity. Advanced technologies such as digital twins, AI-based real-time decision support systems, and next-generation manufacturing execution systems should be considered. The call for proposals will start in September and end in February 2024, with 5 projects expected to receive funding between €5 million and €7 million.

Approaches and tools for security in software and hardware development and assessment HORIZON-CL3-2024-CS-01-01

An innovation action (TRL 4-7) aimed at developing automated compliance tools that address relevant cybersecurity issues. Bulk data processing, ML /AI and privacy protection are at the heart of this topic. Links and synergies with the Common European Data Spaces and Digital Hubs are encouraged. The call will start in November and end in March 2024. it is expected that 6 projects will receive funding between €4 and €6 million.

Technologies/solutions to support circularity for manufacturing HORIZON-CL4-2024-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-05

A research and innovation action (TRL 4-6 for the benefit of the manufacturing industry that supports the transition to a circular economy. Relevant technologies to be used in development include AI, simulation and modelling software, and digital platforms or tools. International collaboration is desired, i.e., including outside the EU. In addition, existing standardisation requirements must be met and interoperability with other projects and initiatives must be ensured. The call starts in September and ends in February 2024. 6 projects with funding between €4 and €6 million are expected.

Industrial leadership in AI, Data and Robotics boosting competitiveness and the green transition HORIZON-CL4-2024-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01-04

An innovation action (TRL 3-7) that addresses one of the following two challenges: creating systems to address grand challenges through combined robotics, data, and AI solutions that have significant impact on Green Deal goals OR Optimising any type of resource from production to use along the entire value chain to minimise waste, promote resource reuse, or maximise energy efficiency. Large-scale pilots are needed to facilitate collaboration between small and large companies. The call will start in November and end in March 2024, with 5 projects expected to receive funding of  €10 million.



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