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29. October 2021 News


As we know EIC provides financial support for companies to develop their new, innovative products, processes, or services. The application for EIC funding is tough and it takes a lot of time and dedication of the team to successfully pass the application process. 

There are three different funding schemes that companies can apply for:

EIC Pathfinder, supports the early-stage research and development of new ideas, breakthrough technologies, and cutting-edge science.
EIC Transition: support mid-stage research and development projects for the development and validation of innovative ideas, new technology, or pioneering science projects.
EIC Accelerator: aiming SMEs and start-ups helping them scale up and commercialize their innovations. It is a key funding scheme because it encourages economic growth and development and attracts investment.

As already mentioned EIC Accelerator is a very competitive scheme and applicants must go through a tough 3-stage application process.


EIC accelerator application stage #1: Short application

During the first stage of the accelerator application process, applicants have to submit a short application explaining their innovation and the motivation behind it. If the short application gets a minimum of 2 “GO” out of the 4 EIC evaluators, they’ll move to stage 2.

EIC accelerator application stage #2: Full application

If applicants reach stage 2, they’ll then have to prepare and submit a full detailed application explaining every aspect of the innovative project. Applicants need to receive ALL “GOs” from the EIC evaluators to move to stage 3.

EIC accelerator application stage #3: Face-to-face interview

The applicants that reach stage 3 are invited to attend a 40-minute face-to-face interview with a panel of up to six EIC evaluators.


The four cut-off dates for 2022’s accelerator funding applications:

  • Deadline 1: 12th January 2022
  • Deadline 2: 6th April 2022
  • Deadline 3: 15th June 2022
  • Deadline 4: 5th October 2022

As the dates are spread out over the year applicants will know the outcome of their application quicker than in previous years.



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