Key EU's Research and Innovation Developments for Autumn 2023


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Key EU's Research and Innovation Developments for Autumn 2023
31. August 2023 News

Key EU's Research and Innovation Developments for Autumn 2023

As summer concludes, the European Union's research and policy sectors are preparing for an eventful autumn, marked by leadership changes, strategic planning, and new initiatives.

Brussels and London continue their dialogue, with both parties aiming to finalize the UK's association with Horizon Europe. The primary discussions revolve around the financial dynamics, especially concerning the UK's contributions and potential benefits from the program.

Significant organizational shifts are on the horizon for the Commission’s research directorate-general for research and innovation (RTD). Marc Lemaître, the director-general, has indicated a major reorganization, which includes streamlining staff to enhance the RTD's focus on core objectives.

In a bid to bolster critical technologies, the Commission has introduced the Strategic Technologies for Europe Platform (STEP). This ambitious €10 billion fund aims to support key technological advancements. The initiative is part of a broader strategy to solicit additional funds from member states to augment the budget of the European Innovation Council (EIC).

Public-private partnerships are also gaining traction, with the Commission proposing ten new collaborations under Horizon Europe. These partnerships, set to commence in 2025, will span a diverse range of sectors, from brain health and cultural heritage to solar power and textiles.

The New European Bauhaus initiative is another noteworthy development. This mission seeks to infuse cultural nuances into the EU's green objectives, although its reception among the research community remains varied.

Lastly, the Commission is taking steps to enhance the professional landscape for researchers. A comprehensive plan has been unveiled, focusing on monitoring research career trajectories, refining the charter for researchers, and establishing a competence framework. Concurrently, discussions on the European Health Data Space, the Critical Raw Materials Act, and the Net Zero Industry Act are also underway, signalling a transformative phase for the European research and innovation landscape this autumn.




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