Horizon Europe – IT on the rise


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Horizon Europe – IT on the rise
07. September 2023 News

Horizon Europe – IT on the rise

A brief summary of key IT -related opportunities in the remaining Horizon Europe calls.

As the Horizon Europe programme for 2023-2024 slowly draws to a close, we explore some of the better opportunities for innovative IT companies that are still being published.

There is an interesting opportunity for companies involved in IoT and cybersecurity research HORIZON -CL3-2024-FCT-01-01: Mitigating new threats and adapting investigation strategies in the era of the Internet of Things, where IoT vulnerabilities are addressed for the benefit of law enforcement. This is a EUR 5 million research and innovation action with a submission deadline of the end of November.

Next week, a good option opens up for the steel industry with the opening of the call HORIZON -CL4-2024- TWIN-TRANSITION -01-44: Digital transformation and ensuring a better use of industrial data, which can optimise steel supply chains. Around EUR 4 million will be awarded under this lump-sum innovative action to several successful projects that will address traceability of materials, sensors and models for real-time process control, or use advanced digital tools such as digital twins and ML or AI algorithms for decision-based planning and process monitoring.

Also coming next week is the call HORIZON -CL5-2024-D3-01-11: AI Testing and Experimentation Facility (TEF) for the energy sector – bringing technology to the market. The call anticipates projects worth more than € 5 million that are specifically focused on integrating, testing, and experimenting with the latest AI-based technologies in existing energy sector infrastructures. It is expected that mature AI solutions with relevant results from the laboratory environment will be deployed.

Another call with a massive budget of EUR 18 million is scheduled to open in mid-November. The call HORIZON -CL4-2024- DIGITAL-EMERGING -01-54: Smart photonics for joint communication & sensing and access everywhere (Photonics Partnership) is accepting proposals that aim to develop light-based solutions for communication networks and Internet connectivity by March 2024. This research and innovation activity has a very low TRL level, and a credible path to digital and emerging technologies needs to be considered for competitiveness and Green Deal eligibility.

One of the most interesting upcoming calls is HORIZON -CL3-2024- CS -01-01: Approaches and Tools for Security in Software and Hardware Development and assessment, due in mid-June 2024. This innovation action focuses on hardware and software security engineering and testing, with particular attention to AI-based security services. The action has a huge budget of EUR 37 million, and a number of awarded projects are expected.

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and if you would like to explore other opportunities related to IT, please feel free to contact us at info@tiko-pro.eu



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