Horizon Europe Draft Work Programmes 2021-2027


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Horizon Europe Draft Work Programmes 2021-2027
05. February 2021 News

Horizon Europe Draft Work Programmes 2021-2027

The European Commission is planning to publish the final Work Programmes (WPs) by April 2021. Here you will get all draft documents which will give researchers detailed clues to what kind of projects will be funded in the €95.5B programme

Below are the WPs thematic areas for which you can Horizon Europe Draft Work Programmes 2021-2027:

1. European Research Council

The first actual grant calls for advanced researchers are planned for 20 May, according to the drafts found online. Meanwhile, the Synergy Grants for teams of scientists tackling complex issues will not be available this year, but are likely to resume in 2022.


2. Health cluster

A draft from September describes sixteen calls for research planned in 2021-2022 on six topics: disease prevention; the links between environment and health; digital tools for health; tackling various diseases; strengthening healthcare systems; and supporting Europe’s health-related industries. In 2021, there is one call planned for each of the six topics.


3. Culture, creativity and inclusive society

The new cluster supporting research and innovation in the creative industries will fund three strands of research in the coming two years: democracy and governance; European cultural heritage and the cultural and creative industries; and social and economic transformations.


4. Civil security for society

A draft from September reveals there will be calls for research into better protection from crime and terrorism; effective management of external borders; infrastructure protection; cybersecurity; resilience to disasters; and increasing the impact of security R&I.


5. Digital, industry and space cluster

This 440-page draft outlines the details for fifteen big research calls aimed at enabling twin green and digital transitions and developing Europe’s strategic autonomy.

The Commission has six goals for the cluster: leadership in climate-neutral industrial value chains; increased autonomy in key value chains; digital sovereignty; a secure and data-agile economy; global space-based infrastructures; and creating human-centred technology.


6. Climate, energy and mobility

The activities in this cluster support the implementation of the Paris Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. A draft from November shows the green agenda will be supported through calls in six areas: climate sciences and responses to climate change; cross-sectoral solutions for the green transition; sustainable, secure and competitive energy supply; efficient, sustainable and inclusive energy use; clean and competitive solutions for all transport modes; and safe, resilient transport and smart mobility services for passengers and goods.


7. Food, Bioeconomy Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

In 2021 and 2022, we can expect 19 calls in seven different areas in this cluster, ranging from biodiversity and ecosystem services to digital solutions in support of the green deal.

The first calls for each of the seven topics are set to launch on 15 April and the funding adds up to almost €900 million, according to the draft.


8. European Innovation Council

The Pathfinder, which funds projects promising to develop radically new technologies, will give out grants of up to €3 million, down from €4 million in Horizon 2020. Meanwhile, the SME support programme, the Accelerator, will continue providing blended finance, a mix of equity and grant funding.


9. Cross-cutting: Widening participation

The goal of the widening programme is to boost research performance in EU regions that are lagging behind. To do this, the Commission will launch three lines of action: enhancing networking between researchers in widening countries and their counterparts in leading R&I countries; reversing brain drain and encouraging brain circulation; and strengthening the European Research Area.


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