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First steps in leveraging EU-Funding for your company
24. January 2022 News

First steps in leveraging EU-Funding for your company

Our Karmen Head of our EU Project Team at TIKO PRO prepare interesting video about Horizon Europe and ICT calls. 

Many companies know that the European Union offers many good funding opportunities. Mostly it is the overwhelming quantity that holds companies back from applying, although their projects might well be eligible. A company that passed this threshold is Collabwith. Throughout this article Jara Pasqual, CEO of Collabwith interviews Karmen Vidonja Ozvatič, Head of EU Projects at Tiko Pro, on getting an overview of EU funding opportunities.

In the following video we provide very useful information by answering the questions:

  • What is Horizon Europe and when does it start?
  • What are the calls and grants applications for consortiums ICT?
  • What does ICT include? AI, digital, intersection with sustainability or innovation or deep tech?   
  • How to prepare an ICT call?
  • How does TIKO PRO support the formation of consortiums and ICT proposals?

This interview is a transcript of a video interview, which is available here:




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