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Proud to be a part of Early Warning Europe
12. October 2021 News

Proud to be a part of Early Warning Europe

The overall objective of Early Warning Europe is to promote entrepreneurship and growth of SMEs across Europe. A key element is to create strong framework conditions for entrepreneurs and businesses across sectors that can help them face key challenges, including managing a crisis, dealing with bankruptcy and getting a second chance.

Our CEO Kristina Kočet Hudrap participated at the "Mentors' day" of the Early Warning Europe programme in Brussels where she had the opportunity to exchange good practices and inspiring stories of mentorship with mentors from 11 different countries from around the world. In her presentation, she touched upon the topic of "Building of Digital Mindset and Skills," which is an important part of running a business in this era.

"I am happy to say that Slovenia has a strong support system for companies in distress, and I am very honored to have already been a mentor to so many perspective young people" she said.




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