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EU4Health 2021 – 2027
16. November 2020 News

EU4Health 2021 – 2027

With €9.4 billion, the proposed health programme will be the largest ever in monetary terms, providing funding to EU countries, health organisations and NGO`s.

Funding will be open to applications in 2021, with the following areas of action:

  • Boost EU`s preparedness for major cross border health threats by creating reserves of medical supplies for crises, a reserve of healthcare staff and experts that can be mobilised to respond to crises across the EU and increased surveillance of health threats;
  • Strengthen health systems so that they can face epidemics as well as long-term challenges by stimulating disease prevention and health promotion in an ageing population, digital transformation of health systems and access to health care for vulnerable groups;
  • Make medicines and medical devices available and affordable, advocate the prudent and efficient use of antimicrobials as well as promote medical and pharmaceutical innovation and greener manufacturing;

EU4health will work closely with the EU`s main research and innovation programme, Horizon Europe, which includes a health cluster. Horizon Europe will finance research and innovation on topics such as life-long good health, environmental and social health determinants, non-communicable and rare diseases, infectious diseases, tools – technologies – digital solutions for health and care and healthcare systems. It will also include a research and innovation mission on cancer, one of the Commission`s top priorities in health policy.

The EU4health programme will help to ensure best use of research results and facilitate the uptake, scale-up and deployment and health innovation in healthcare systems and clinical practice.

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