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06. May 2019 News

How to keep your innovative solution safe and sound

Let us take a look into why intellectual property (IP) protection in EU innovation calls is one of the key activities that has to be addressed properly throughout the whole project lifecycle – from the project proposal to the project follow-up phase.  

18. April 2019 News

Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe is the innovation and research programme of the European Union that will succeed Horizon 2020 in the years 2021 – 2027. What can we expect from Horizon Europe?

09. April 2019 News

The future of the SME Instrument

The SME Instrument has proven to be a successful facilitator of innovation for European small and medium-sized companies. Under Horizon 2020, the SME Instrument Phase 1 and Phase 2 are the most popular instruments for European SMEs; but what awaits us in the upcoming programming period 2021-2027?

26. March 2019 News

Innovation funding project management – cracking the mystery

Innovation funding project management seems to be one of the most enigmatic and intriguing business branches. Despite strong definition of project manager work duties, there are still some misconceptions as far as the scope of responsibilities is concerned. So, let’s crack the mystery and give you a hint of what a Tiko Pro innovation funding project manager does, how he/she does it and what is our business model when it comes to the research and innovation proposal design.




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