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10. March 2022 News

The EIC Accelerator

The EIC Accelerator funds visionary entrepreneurs in developing and scaling up impactful, game changing technologies. With its blended finance instrument topping EUR 15 million, it is equally a highly attractive as it is an extremely competitive EU funding programme. This article is about 4 main elements of the Step-by-Step process requiring special attention from applicants that intend to apply at the March, June or October 2022 deadline.

08. February 2022 News

The EIC Accelerator from a reviewer´s perspective

The EIC Accelerator is considered to be one of the most scrutinised EU funding programmes for Series A funding, yet extremely attractive for founders all over Europe and beyond. Therefore, the most important question for applicants is, are you a good fit for the EIC Accelerator at all? What does it take to be successful in acquiring an EU grant? Our article reveals the usually carefully guarded views from an EIC Accelerator reviewer´s perspective – Tanja Tajnik, PhD, our team member.




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