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26. March 2019 News

Innovation funding project management – cracking the mystery

Innovation funding project management seems to be one of the most enigmatic and intriguing business branches. Despite strong definition of project manager work duties, there are still some misconceptions as far as the scope of responsibilities is concerned. So, let’s crack the mystery and give you a hint of what a Tiko Pro innovation funding project manager does, how he/she does it and what is our business model when it comes to the research and innovation proposal design.

13. February 2019 News

Energizing the innovational potential and energy efficiency

One of the richest men in the world, Bill Gates, recently held a lecture at the Columbia University in front of thousands of students. It is well known that he quit his studies to develop the Windows system, and one of the students asked him what would he do if he quit his studies again. His answer was energy innovation. No wonder – the energy sector has a big potential that has to be fulfilled in the foreseeable future to preserve our natural resources and wellbeing.

06. February 2019 News

4th business meeting within the framework of the ABS Network project

On Tuesday, 5.2.2019, the consortium of the ABS Network project organized the fourth business meeting at the Technical University of Graz. Since the purpose of the partnership is to support the cooperation between industry and educational and research institutions, the project partners invited a wider audience of Slovene and Austrian companies, as well as representatives of Slovenian and Austrian institutions of knowledge.




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