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News about EU Funds

28. September 2020 News

Achieving European growth with R&D funding under the Tiko Pro guidance

“During proposal preparation process, our client`s interests and vision are our major concern. We support them in streamlining their next development steps, competition analysis, market entry strategies and sales processes all for the benefits of successful project applications. We challenge companies to think about impacts of their innovations on the society as a whole,” says Tiko Pro.

22. September 2020 News

€1 billion investment to boost the green and digital transition available in European Green Deal call

The European Commission has launched a €1 billion call for research and innovation projects that respond to the climate crisis and help protect Europe's unique ecosystems and biodiversity. The Horizon 2020-funded European Green Deal Call, which is open for registration, will spur Europe's recovery from the coronavirus crisis by turning green challenges into innovation opportunities.

08. September 2020 News

Green Deal call area 10: empowering citizens for the transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe

The green transition must be just and inclusive, put people first and bring together citizens in all their diversity. This requires ambitious actions to engage people, communities and organisations to bring about a fair and inclusive transition, leaving no-one behind. Such actions must promote change

  • at the collective level through deliberation, as well as through research and experimentation to foster behavioural, social and cultural change,
  • and at an individual level by empowering citizens as actors of change.

04. September 2020 News

Green Deal call area 9: strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal

Climate action requires additional research and innovation efforts that extend beyond innovative solutions at a relatively mature state of development. Despite significant progress in our understanding of the complex issues linked to climate change and sustainability over the past few decades, it is crucial to further improve relevant knowledge. Area 9 activities will strengthen the European knowledge base, adopting a longer-term perspective and acting as a bridge to Horizon Europe.




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